Role Of GMAT Score In Management Consulting Recruitment

Your GMAT score is definitely your window to some of the best B Schools in the world. But did you also know that it can directly affect your professional recruitment? In fact, top names like McKinsey, BCG and Bain often look at candidates’ GMAT scores when hiring them for management consulting roles.

There are candidates who have retaken their GMAT even though their scores would get them admitted to B Schools of their choice. Their reasoning is simple – they want to present themselves as ideal candidates to renowned recruiters, who also look at GMAT scores before inviting them for an interview.

Why GMAT score matters to management consulting firms?

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Top rung companies in the business are not looking at your GMAT scores to assess whether you will make it to the best management institutes. It’s one of the criteria they follow because your GMAT score tells them more about your abilities and skills, which can be suited for management consulting careers. And that’s true of recruiters in various other streams as well.

What does your GMAT score say?

As you know, there are four main sections of the GMAT and each one of them has been designed to assess various abilities of candidates. Here’s what your score in each of these sections tells your prospective management consulting recruiters.

  • Quantitative Section – Your quantitative reasoning and interpretation skills are gauged in this section. You solve numerical problems and examine quantitative figures. A good score tells your recruiters that you can deal with numbers on a daily basis. Your quantitative abilities will also be appealing since your job would need you to work with financial reports.
  • Verbal Section – Reading comprehension, sentence correction and critical reasoning are the three types of questions you encounter in this section. A high score in the section equates to good verbal reasoning skills, which are important in management consulting careers because you work with research and reports that require critical thinking.
  • Integrated Reasoning – Here you are presented data in various forms. You have to use graphical and table analysis skills to resolve complex problems. In management consulting careers you will deal with business cases and have to come up with solutions keeping various factors in mind. Good score in the section tells recruiters you can.
  • Analytical Writing Assessment – You have to understand critique and offer your opinion on a certain topic in this section. As a management consultant you will be making presentations to clients, which not only have to be based in facts but have to be carefully reasoned to make a strong case and win them over.

Each of the GMAT sections tells something about a candidate to management consulting firms, which is why it indeed has an important role to play during recruitments.

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