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Seven Tips for GMAT Sentence Correction Questions

Seven Tips for GMAT Sentence Correction Questions

The GMAT sentence correction questions can be intimidating for many test takers, especially for those whose first language is not English. However, practice and familiarity is all it takes to do well in this area.

We offer you seven tips for GMAT sentence correction questions:

1. Know your grammatical concepts well – The sentence correction questions usually test grammatical areas such as subject/verb agreement, idioms, modifiers and parallelism. Learn these concepts thoroughly.

2. Do not skip the non-underlined parts – The non-underlined parts can come before, after or on both sides of the underlined sentence. The underlined parts can also hold vital clues to your answers.

3. Don’t go by the sound alone – Sometimes the answer choice may sound right, but it may not be the correct answer. Remember, that the correct answer is the one with the least number or no errors at all.

4. Be careful with pronouns – Be careful with pronouns such as ‘it’, ‘its’, ‘they’, ‘their’ and ‘them’. Sometimes, pronouns in the non-underlined parts of the sentences can guide you to the right answer.

5. Pay attention to comparatives – Examine the comparatives carefully. Note that ‘as’ always go with ‘as’ and words such as ‘more’, ‘less’ go with ‘than’.

6. Elimination helps – Answers to sentence correction can be arrived at easily through elimination of answer choices. Eliminate all the obvious wrong answers and choose the best answer from the remaining ones.

7. Seek logic – Logic can help you choose answers in the final stages of the question. After you have selected the best possible options, plug them into the statement and see which one makes better logical sense.   

Attempt a few sentence correction questions.

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