Seven Tips for MBA Interviews

The MBA interview is the decisive moment for any business school aspirant. After all those GMAT scores, GPA numbers, recommendations and essays boil down to this kept component of the admissions process. Generally, a very few percentage of applicants are even offered an interview. So, if you are one of the lucky ones, you should do everything possible to do well in the interview.

Here are some useful tips for MBA interviews:

  1. Relax – Many students tend to get highly stressed out with the prospect of interviews. However, an interview is extremely simple in theory. After all, the interviews are questioning you on the topic you know the best about – yourself! Remember that interviewers are not trying to put you through a stress test. Be relaxed and let the answers come very naturally. Have water to calm down the nerves.
  2. Prepare well – Preparing for the interview will keep you confident going into the actual experience. Prepare good answers for basic questions such as the reasons behind doing an MBA, career goals, and other such areas. Also, review your entire application paying particular importance to points presented in the essays. You should be able to address queries in any part of your application. Be especially aware of the gaps in the application process and keep convincing answers ready.
  3. Maintain a good body language – Nothing impresses as much as a good body language. Try to maintain a good posture and look into the eyes of the interviewer while talking. Do not be fidgety even if you are nervous.
  4. Respond to questions appropriately – Many MBA applicants prepare a certain story for the interview. However, jumping to your answer without focusing on the question can lead to an inappropriate response. Make sure you listen to the question well, even if it means taking a slight pause before answering.
  5. Do not be arrogant – Remember, humility takes you a long way in the interviews. Be confident but mix it with a dash of humility. A know-it-all attitude impresses no one.
  6. Keep the engagement going – An interview is a two-way process. You can guide an interview with a healthy engagement and smart pointers. Also, feel free to ask some good questions to impress the interviewers.
  7. Stick to the basics – A professional approach is always welcome in the interview room. Make sure you are in business attire, have two copies of your resume, business cards, pens and other such basic necessities. A warm handshake and a gentle ‘thank you’ can take you a long way in the interview process.

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