Seven Tips for writing MBA Application essays

The essays are an important part of the application process. It helps admission officers to know more you, beyond just your GMAT scores and GPA numbers. A good essay will make your application stand out. You should give your essay some serious thought. After all, it is one of the few components which is well and truly in your hands.

Here are seven tips for writing MBA application essays:

i) Understand the requirement – Each school has a distinct admission process and may ask you to write on different areas. Don’t just write a generalized essay. Understand the topic and then begin writing the essay.

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ii) Think well – Your essay need not be dramatic. The essay should go beyond your experiences. Think before writing the essay. Try incorporating your passions, ideas, value systems, learnings in the essay. Also, keep your career goals in mind and your roadmap to achieve those goals. Be extremely sincere in your essays.

iii) Intro should be simple – Don’t think that a flowery intro will take you anywhere. Instead, focus on writing a simple intro paragraph which will lead the reader into the next parts of your essay.

iv) Write about the business school – Good essays always demonstrate a candidate’s ability to fit in with the culture of the school. Take time understanding the culture and history of the school and map it with your application. Avoid flattery at all costs. Personalize your essay for every school.

v) Write without grammatical errors – Good communication skills can take you a long way in the admission process. A badly written essay can hurt you. Make sure that your grammar, structure and spellings are always in place.

vi) Rewrite the essay – In most cases, you may need a couple of iterations to get the essay right. Ask your teachers, seniors and mentors for feedback on the first draft. Incorporate their suggestions and rewrite if necessary.

vii) Proofread before submission – Always proof read the final copy before submission. You don’t want silly typos jeopardizing your application.

All the best!

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