Should you opt for The Economist GMAT preparation?


So, how does The Economist GMAT Preparation fare?The best way to know whether or not a course or a program is good is to ask those who have used it. In today’s times, a course or a module is essentially a commodity that can be rated out ten or five or can be awarded stars. However, even though reviews are what give you a broad generalised idea, they aren’t enough when the thing in question could be career defining for you. You just cant trust the genuineness of reviews anymore these days!

Before we decide it’s quality, let’s see what it has to offer.

The Economist GMAT Prep offers three modules to choose from.

Complete Prep Premium Prep Ultimate Prep
50+ point improvement 70+ point improvement 70+ point improvement
AWA, IR, Quant and Verbal AWA, IR, Quant and Verbal AWA, IR, Quant and Verbal
50 100 Unlimited
4 6 8
3 5 6
4 5 6
5000+ 5000+ 5000+
Full access Full access Full access
$799 (-10%) (3 months) $899 (-10%) (3 months) $1099 (-10%) (6 months)

*Table sourced from the official website of The Economist GMAT Prep.

What else you can do inside qs leap ?

2500+ Free
Practice Questions

Get Free Access to 2500+ GMAT/GRE Questions

30 Min
Prep Classes

Attend Free GMAT/GRE Prep Classes Everyday

Virtual One-to-One

On-demand online meetings with Admissions Teams for free

Among these listed modules it claims the Premium Prep to be the most popular given the duration it takes and the access and improvement it promises.

For a comprehensive preparation, The Economist GMAT Prep gives you a score guarantee, comprehensive prep, option to ‘Ask-a-tutor’, live one on one sessions, practice exams, detailed markings on essays, extensive practice questions and mobile apps for both android and iOS.

Although, if you can still not make up your mind, it gives you an option to try the The Economist GMAT Prep free for a period of seven days as well.

The Economist GMAT Prep app is free. When upgraded to a full plan, the candidates can access over a hundred hours worth of brilliantly tailored content and a vast collection of about 5,000 practice questions. It can easily switch between desktop and phone in case one needs access to additional features. Another feature to remember is that the apps keep running with or without internet.

The Economist GMAT Prep recommends taking practice on a computer screen instead of a mobile device.

Coming back to stars and ratings, rates The Complete Prep, The Premium Prep and The Ultimate Prep at 4.5 stars each.

Beat the GMAT, the MBA social network rates it a five on five calling it, “Very thorough and comprehensive.”

lisay2k8, whose scores jumped from 650 to 740 says : “The Economist offers a targeted GMAT study course and awards it another five stars.

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