Should you worry about the GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section?

Some recent reports have stated that b-schools are not really considering the GMAT Integrated Reasoning section as a very important part of the admissions process. Schools seem to be placing emphasis on the overall GMAT score and not giving much importance to IR scores.

There seem to be two main reasons fuelling this trend. One is that schools do not have sufficient information to link IR scores to the admission process. Also, since the GMAT scores are valid for five years, many applicants are sending in their scores without the Integrated Reasoning scores. In such a scenario, it becomes difficult to measure the performance of students fairly.

That being said, the Integrated Reasoning section does provide unique information about applicants which can be a predictor of future success. It measures the student’s ability to process information presented in various formats across different sources which is important to succeed in the technology and big data era.

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Should you worry about the GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section? While you may still want to focus more on the verbal, quant and analytical writing assessment sections, you should not ignore the Integrated Reasoning section. Since the scores for this section are reported separately, there is really no way to hide a bad performance. As the schools get more IR scores with applicants in the coming years, they would be able to link it more accurately with the admissions process.

If are interested in a top MBA program, make sure that you bag a good score in this section. When you apply to leading business schools, a good IR score maybe a differentiator among students with similar GMAT scores.

Get started with these best strategies for GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section.

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