Stanford Will Interview 1,000 Applicants This Year: Will You Be One?

Once again, Stanford has given some clarity about the admissions process.

See below for an excerpt from the official email that Stanford sent out to Round One applicants today.

Admission Process Dates

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22 September 2015: Round 1 Deadline
Beginning on deadline day, the MBA Admissions Office prepares applications for review and distributes them to members of our team to read. Over the subsequent weeks, we review applications and decide which candidates will move to the next stage.

19 October through 17 November 2015: Interview Invitations
During this period, we will extend interview invitations daily via email. Interviews are by invitation only, and an interview is required for admission. We hope to interview roughly 1,000 applicants this application year.

If you are invited to interview, you will receive that invitation between 19 October and 17 November. If you have not received an interview invitation by 17 November, you will not be interviewed in this round.

17 November 2015: Application Status Update 
On 17 November, you may log in to your online application for an update on the status of your application. At this stage, there will be three possibilities:

  1. You have already been invited to interview, and will receive a final decision on 9 December. On 9 December you will find out if you will be admitted, denied, or offered a spot in the waitpool.
  2. You were not selected for an interview, and your application is denied. This decision is final.
  3. You are being offered a spot in the waitpool with the possibility of being invited to interview at a future date.

9 December 2015: Decision Notification Date
All official decisions will be released and available when you log in to your online application.

Rest assured there is nothing more you need to do to get our attention or improve your chances for an interview; your application speaks for itself. Out of fairness to all applicants, we don’t consider information submitted after the application deadline.

Thank you! 

Thanks in advance for your patience. During the coming weeks, we will review each and every application. Getting to know you and your fellow applicants takes time, but the result will be a tremendous Stanford MBA Class of 2018.

If you have questions, please contact us at +1.650.723.2766.

Thank you again for your interest in Stanford. We are excited to learn more about you.

Stanford MBA Admissions Office


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