Study Hard And Smart As You Prepare For Your LSAT

If you want to make it into the top law schools in the country, then your LSAT score is going to be your ticket to the big league. Just to put it into perspective, this four hour standardized test carries as much weight as your four years of classes. No pressure then!

Honestly though, the LSAT isn’t as overwhelming as it might seem initially. Indeed it’s not like any other standardized test because your basic skills aren’t being tested here. It is a test of your logical reasoning ability, which probably might not be tested before.

To get into the top law schools you will have to score somewhere around 160 on your LSAT. It’s not an easy task but then you wouldn’t expect it to be. And it’s definitely achievable.

Here are a few LSAT strategies you can follow to get towards your goal:

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  1. Start studying early

    From improving your vocabulary to devising strategies to learn effectively, practice questions and tests; you are going to have to figure this all out while you go on with your everyday life. Hence logic says- you will definitely have to start studying months in advance for your LSAT.
  2. Work from a baseline score

    Imagine you were to take your LSAT today without any special prep. Now go ahead and take a practice test. What you score on it will be your baseline score and it will give you an idea of where you should go with your practice.
  3. Big goals, bigger achievements.

    But there is nothing wrong with achievable goals either. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to score over 170 in their LSAT. You can start with finding out the scores required to get into the colleges of your choice. Now consider the time and prep accordingly. Stay focused at what you want. That is important.
  4. Rely on quality resources

    Today you have plenty of resources to prepare for your LSAT. You could get books, opt for LSAT classes, take prep tests online or download study apps on your phone. Your options are endless; choose those that suit you best.
  5. Practice, practice, practice

    Law is not everyone’s thing. Therefore, as you start studying for LSAT, prepare a schedule that works conveniently for you. Once you are some way along your studies, take practice tests. You can take them online on QS LEAP and they can be used to track your progress. Remember, there is no alternative to practice.

When it comes to your LSAT prep, it’s not just about studying for long hours but studying smartly.

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