Tackling Problem Solving Questions in GMAT

The problem solving questions form an important question type in the GMAT. If you have to do well in the GMAT, you should have a stronghold on this question type. GMAC tests arithmetic, basic algebra, statistics and geometry in this question type.

While test takers do not find this question type as tough as data sufficiency, it tests your basic knowledge from the four common math areas. We offer you some easy tips for problem solving questions.

Know your basics:

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A lot of the answers will stem from elementary knowledge of the four subject areas. Brush up your fundamentals and be quick with basic calculations. Since GMAT, doesn’t allow calculators your calculations need to be quick and precise.

Read the questions well:

It is always a good idea to read questions very well. If you are stuck at a particular question, check whether you have used all the facts available. Often, you may find important cues for your answers. 

Know your exponents well:

Questions from exponents are often asked in the GMAT. Master your fractional and negative exponents. 

Make approximations when needed:

Sometimes, it is not necessary to solve the question. Smart estimations can help you save time and arrive at the answer quicker.

Use numbers for variables:

Quite a useful strategy this. However, this won’t work for all problem types. Choose your numbers and questions reasonably.

Label quantities carefully:

Label the exact quantity you are trying to find very carefully. This will help you make accurate equations and avoid careless errors.

‘Must be true’ and ‘Could be true’ questions:

One of the more dreaded question types in problem solving. The multiple problems and possibilities always baffles test takers. The process of elimination can work very well in this question type.

Start Studying.

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