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What are the 5 most important things business schools look for?

GMAT? GRE? GPA? Work Experience? Yes, are of these contribute towards the admission decision. Some of these things you can change (for example, the GMAT), some things are harder to change (your work experience), and some things are not possible to change at all (such as your undergraduate GPA). All of these metrics are a …

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3 Tips to Make The Most Out of MBA Fairs

Here are 3 quick tips to making the most out of the MBA Fairs. These tips will not only help you make the best decision, they will help you increase your chances of getting accepted to your dream business school, with a good scholarship! Tip #1: Shop Around You wouldn’t buy the first house you see, …

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Take the Right Career Path in 2015

If you crave an exciting career move in 2015, here is a simple 4-step process that will help you follow through (and realize your dreams!) before end of this year. 1. Vision It all starts with a vision. Do you see yourself as a successful executive, or entrepreneur, or leader, or all of the above? …

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22 Study Tips to Maximize Your Study Efficiency: Study Secrets of Smart Students

Study tips based on the scientific research into the performance of a human brain! Think “I am a genius” – Change your perception of yourself and begin to see yourself as one! Do what geniuses do – be always open to new ideas! Get on your feet – you remember 10% more information when you …

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