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Tips for Your Video MBA Interview

Did you know that an increasing number of MBA programs are making use of online video -interview platforms? That’s right—for some schools, you must record responses to one or more short-answer prompts before your application is considered complete. Often, the system will also allow for at least one extra try, so if you’re not thrilled …

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How to Stand Out in an MBA Group Interview

Have you been invited to a group interview—or hope you will be? Some of the world’s top MBA programs use a team-based interview format, and we won’t be surprised if this trend grows in the future. Business schools want students who will play nice with others, and so watching how someone interacts with peers before …

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MBA Interview Tips to Help You Knock It Out of the Park

As you may guess, the purpose of the MBA admissions interview is twofold: it gives the AdCom a chance to see a candidate’s personality, leadership qualities and motivation for pursuing an MBA, and it also lets applicants tell their own story beyond the essays and other materials in the application. Once you receive an interview …

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What to Expect During the MIT Sloan MBA Interview

Earlier this week, Jennifer Barba, Associate Director of Admissions at MIT Sloan School of Management, posted a video describing what applicants can expect during their MBA interview. As a reminder, the school has introduced a second short-answer question this year, which is only for students invited to interview and must be completed prior to the …

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5 Common Interview Questions from Harvard Business School

Today is the final day Harvard Business School will extend Round 1 interview invitations, and to prepare nervous applicants, the school’s independent newspaper The Harbus has shared five common MBA interview questions that cropped up last year during the admissions interviews of current first-year students. Here, we share excerpts from the article, which provides valuable, …

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What Makes A Good Interview Prep?

Interview, one of the most significant parts of your application, allows Admission to look beyond formal things like GMAT score or GPA, engage and assess one’s personality and suggest whether or you will contribute to university’s academic community. Much like a job interview, it shall show bold how the institution will benefit from taking you …

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