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What they don’t teach you at an MBA program – Webinar QnA

Networking is never overrated. But it is so often misunderstood, and so rarely taught! When you think of an MBA, you think of “Business” and “Management”, but  “Networking” as a skill often gets left behind. To help the QS-LEAP community master this crucial skill, we conducted a webinar with Global Executive Career Coach Mr. Martin Buckland, titled “What …

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5 Don’ts for Managing MBA Recommendation Writers

I recently got off the phone with a business school applicant who believes poor recommendations were a key reason she was not admitted to school last year. She carefully selected her recommenders and gave them several months’ advance notice. Her first recommender gave her a copy of his letter after submitting it. It was six …

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UCLA Anderson Requires 2 Recommendation Letters for Fall 2016 Application

The latest post on the MBA Insider’s Blog at UCLA Anderson School of Management reveals that the full-time MBA program will require applicants to submit two letters of recommendation for the class entering in Fall 2016. It seems many applicants in previous years were submitting two letters anyway, so the program decided to make it …

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The Importance of Picking the Right Recommenders

Although most Round 1 applications aren’t due until the fall, it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about who’s going to support you as you pull together your materials. Your recommenders in particular will play a critical role in the process. So how do you ensure you ask the right people to write letters …

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