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Getting Ready for Round 2 MBA Applications

For many people, the weeks leading up to the new year are a time of merriment and a full calendar of socializing with family and friends. However, for Round 2 MBA applicants, this is likely “crunch time” as deadlines in early January loom. If you’ve already completed a first or second draft of your MBA …

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Get Organized Over the Holidays: Round 2 To-Do list

Next week, 2015 draws to a close. Two weeks from today marks the first Round 2 deadline. Are you ready? If you’re not a “list person,” it’s time to become one—at least until the rest of your applications are in. We’ll help by giving you this outline for your Round 2 To-Do list: Assuming your recommenders …

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Didn’t Get In During Round One? Get Advice For The Best Strategy Going Forward

This week a lot of applicants received notification that they did not get into their choice schools in round one. If you received an interview (especially if you think it went well) and did not get in, you may be wondering what happened. Now is an important time to create the right strategy going forward, …

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Round 2 Updates from MIT Sloan

The admissions team at MIT Sloan School of Management will be ready to send out Round 2 interview invitations starting the week of February 16th, a recent post on the MIT Sloan MBA admissions blog reveals. These interviews are conducted by MIT Sloan admissions staff only, and will take place on campus in Cambridge as …

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Getting Ready for Round 2 Admits

It’s Round 2 admit time for the MBA Class of 2017! The Wharton School released R2 decisions on Tuesday, March 24th, and Harvard Business School, UV Darden School of Business, and Stanford Graduate School of Business are just a few of the top schools notifying successful candidates today. Future Chicago Boothies, meanwhile, will have to …

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