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Is Listening To Music While Studying Good Or Bad?

As a matter of fact, it depends on your personal preferences but still, there is a continual debate on this point. Interestingly, a lot of research has been conducted on this subject with mixed results. Many studies put forth the benefits of listening to a soothing music during the time of studying. On the other …

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How will Trump affect your college applications in United States?

On November 8th, the axis of the Earth tilted. On January 20th, President Donald Trump placed his hand on the two Bibles, one his own and one that of Abraham Lincoln, and we knew, that the Trump presidency was real. What it would turn out to be was amply demonstrated in the period he was …

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What Does Trump Presidency Mean For Higher Education

If there is one thing the Trump campaign has revealed then it’s that there is nothing you can predict about the new President-Elect and his policies. While he made startling claims and declarations throughout his campaign, even his biggest doubters believe that they might be a bit too farfetched for him to follow through. Higher …

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