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Stanford Will Interview 1,000 Applicants This Year: Will You Be One?

Once again, Stanford has given some clarity about the admissions process. See below for an excerpt from the official email that Stanford sent out to Round One applicants today. Admission Process Dates 22 September 2015: Round 1 Deadline Beginning on deadline day, the MBA Admissions Office prepares applications for review and distributes them to members …

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Stanford GSB’s Dean Saloner to Step Down

Dean Garth Saloner of the Stanford Graduate School of Business announced Monday that he plans to step down at the end of this academic year. His decision was prompted by increased media attention and scrutiny due to an ongoing lawsuit brought by a former professor at the GSB. “As many of you know, the university …

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Stanford GSB Tops Forbes ROI Ranking…Again

Last week, Forbes released its 2015 ranking of the best business schools in the United States based on the return on investment (ROI) of the MBA Class of 2010 grads. For the second straight time, Stanford Graduate School of Business nudged out Harvard Business School for the top spot with a five-year gain of $89,100 …

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Average GMAT Score for Stanford

Stanford University Graduate School of Business is widely regarded as the top-ranked b-school in the US. For many students, a seat the b-school is nothing less than a dream come true. If you are dreaming about Stanford as well, you need to gear your preparation towards a very high GMAT score. Let’s look at the …

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How To Get Into HBS And Stanford GSB From Someone That Did

Our girl Sarah (not her real name) achieved something amazing; she leveraged her specific career goals and infectious energy to get into HBS AND Stanford GSB! That’s right, folks, she got into two of the top MBA programs in the country, and now she’s sharing her experience for future MBA applicants. Why do you think …

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Popular Stanford GSB Course on Female Entrepreneurship Offers Lessons for All

The men who take a Stanford Graduate School of Business course on female entrepreneurship do so for the eye-opening exposure to some of the down-and-dirty aspects of starting your own business. Learning about the strategic and business challenges of entrepreneurship is great, but what about the expectations and emotions of starting a business? How does …

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