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Mistakes In Application Strategy

USING FLOWERY LANGUAGE Your statement of purpose/ essay is primarily meant to help the university get an insight into your personal and professional traits and your degree of flexibility in adjusting to varied circumstances. Unfortunately, many applicants use flowery language in an attempt to impress the admissions committee. They don’t realise that, in the process, …

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ISB Application Essay Analysis 2016-17

ISB has opened its admissions for full-time MBA program for the class beginning in 2017. While the First round Application deadline is on October 15, 2016, the Second Round ends on January 15, 2017. We are analyzing below how these essays have to be written to create maximum impact on the admissions committee.  ISB essay …

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Writing MBA Admission Essays

SPECIFIC PERSONAL APPROACH The most important feature of framing the essays is that you have to be absolutely specific and personal in your approach. It is ‘you’ who they are questioning, and hence you have to answer who you are and what you want to do. You have to come up with personal experiences in …

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How To Win Scholarship

OPPORTUNITIES WAITING FOR YOU Students can certainly explore prospects of financial aid like tuition waivers and teaching assistantships from foreign universities. This can reduce their costs to a certain extent. While aid may be limited at most institutions, it is not unavailable either for the really deserving candidates. In order to win funding, students need …

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Know University Application Rules

YOUR STUDY ABROAD DREAMS Thinking of applying to US universities?  It is quite possible that you are not very well aware of the application procedures in the US universities, and have gathered a fair idea about Fall & Spring Sessions, Official Transcripts, Application Fee Waiver, Letter of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Acceptance, Sending …

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Crack GRE & GMAT By Yourself

THE CHALLENGE BEFORE YOU GRE & GMAT are not very tough tests for students to get a good score on their own. Hence in our opinion, they can avoid any specialised training, which costs a lot of money, and prepare themselves. Here we are explaining how this can be achieved by yourselves. UNDERSTANDING THE TEST …

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