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Study in UK 03/07/18 – Webinar QnA

The UK has now become a rather lucrative prospect for higher education! There is a wide range of opportunities to gain practical experience while studying at Universities in the UK. Many courses have options for work placements and internships that count towards the degree you earn and many offer the chance to gain professional accreditation …

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Study in Germany 20/06/18 – Webinar QnA

Studying abroad continues to be an aspiration for many! And as the World is coming into our living rooms everyday, we always have scope to learn a bit more about opportunities in a foreign land. To help our candidates resolve their queries about Studying in Germany, a culture-rich and open-minded land of opportunities, we conducted a …

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5 MBA Interview Questions You Need to Ace

Your ability to tackle MBA interview questions is directly proportional to your ability to ultimately become a successful management graduate! So, listen on as we tell you about the 5 MBA Interview Questions You Need to Ace! Like what you hear? Visit us on Soundcloud! Also, do let us know what more you’d like to …

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Top 10 Universities in Canada in 2018

Canada has lately emerged as a very popular study destination for students seeking to study abroad! It is a diverse, pollution-free and rather welcoming country that has made the student experience friendly and rather affordable! Our second episode for the “Study Abroad” podcast talks about the top Canadian Universities to target this year! Here we …

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Where Can You Study Abroad for Free?

Hello, hello! If you are an auditory learner, and like listening to content more than reading, we’re bringing you a range of podcasts, to help you up your prep game! Here’s the first episode of our latest release, about studying abroad for free: Podcast Transcript In case, you’re a reader and don’t want to miss …

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