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The Secret to Finding Things on the GMAT

The GMAT requires you to find many things. You have to find flaws in answers, you have to find signals in math questions that tell you what they’re testing, you have to find common patterns in arguments, you have to find common grammatical errors in Sentence Correction questions, you have to find key missing information …

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Non-Obvious Ways to Improve Your Applications

Business schools look at thousands of applications every year. With so many people competing for the limited number of spaces available, you need to make sure that your applications are as strong as they can be. Some of the ways to write an effective application are obvious: your applications should be error-free, your recommendations should …

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How Can I Speed Up My Pacing on the GMAT?

You can’t teach the GMAT very long without getting certain questions. One that you can count on hearing as regularly as the tide comes in is some version of, “Do you have any advice on how I can work faster? I need to find a way to speed up so that I don’t keep running …

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How to Choose the Right MBA for You and Get Matched to the Right B-School

MBA programs are not one-size-fits-all. Business schools offer a variety of formats and areas of study that can be tailored to fit your career goals. So how does a prospective MBA student choose which type of program to enroll in?  Here’s a brief overview of four major factors to consider, along with options typically offered by …

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5 Things High-Scoring Essays Have in Common

The two essays for the Analytical Writing Assessment are graded holistically. This means, simply, that your grade is based on the overall impression the essay makes on the reader. GMAT essay graders don’t assign one point for good grammar, half a point for good transitions, half a point for good vocabulary, etc., and add up …

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