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On a B-School Waitlist? Do These 3 Things Right Now

Ah, the waitlist ….such an agonizing place to find oneself after applying to the business school of your dreams. There’s no denying that this temporary state of limbo is unsettling, especially for Type-A personalities who are used to taking matters into their own hands and getting stuff done. While being waitlisted isn’t ideal, MBA applicants …

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What should you do if you are waitlisted?

So you have been waitlisted for your favourite business school? There is no reason to feel dejected. On the contrary, you should feel happy that your preferred school continues to show interest in you. This means that you are qualified to become a member of the school. Don’t think the other candidates in the ‘Admitted’ …

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Five steps to get off the MBA Waitlist

A waitlist notification can be a tough thing to handle for many students. However, instead of being disappointed, try to view the notification as yet another opportunity. Atleast, getting waitlisted is way better than getting rejected. You can take steps to showcase your candidacy to the admissions committee. Here are five steps to get off …

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How To Get Off The MBA Waitlist, From Someone That Did

Remember when we told you all those things you SHOULD NOT DO while biding your time on the MBA waitlist? Well meet our client, Tom (not his real name). Tom is a shining example of exactly what you SHOULD do if you’ve been waitlisted. Basically, Tom took that WL status and crushed it with his bare …

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