Targeting Columbia Business School: GMAT Scores And Requirements

The stunning Morningside Heights campus of Columbia Business School has been home to thousands of management aspirants from all over the world. In fact, the highly rated B School has a 40,000 alumni network in over 100 countries.

Columbia Business School thrives on its symbiotic relationship with the city of New York, which is the financial capital of the world. Thus its students not only study in the most exciting International city but reap wide ranging benefits of it as well.

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The alumni network of Columbia Business School includes frontrunners at Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs who have raised the bar in their chosen fields. The accessibility of the alumni network, along with research centres and more than a 100 student organizations, give plenty of opportunities for management aspirants to learn, grow and express themselves.

At the B School you have dynamic programs including the Master Classes, the Individual, Business, and Society Curriculum, and Columbia CaseWorks. You are encouraged to not only learn with, but from your peers as well. Emphasis is laid on entrepreneurship as well, which is just what some students might need.

What does it take?

Candidates from different personal, professional and cultural backgrounds apply for Columbia MBA program every year. The B School received 6008 applications for the Class entering in 2016 (January and August) out of which, 1025 students were admitted. That gives you an idea of the competition you are in for and here’s what it takes to bag a seat at the coveted B School.

  • GMAT score – The average GMAT score for the year 2016 was 717. But the good news is that the GMAT score ranged from 550 to 780, which means even if you think your score is not satisfactory you might be able to get through based on other factors.
  • Undergraduate GPA – The admission officers take your undergraduate GPA into account as well and it can actually work in your favor. The average GPA for students of 2016 was 3.5 while it ranged between 3.1 and 3.9.
  • Work Experience – If you have work experience make it a point to highlight it along with your strengths on your application. The average work experience for the class entering 2016 was five years, with students who had worked anywhere between 3 to 8 years in all.

While these are the three crucial benchmarks for MBA applicants who want to target Columbia Business School, other factors like recommendations, essays and interviews cannot be overlooked. Overall, you need to make a strong case for being the most suited candidate for the specific program to boost your chances of getting admitted at the top B School.


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