Targeting MIT Sloan: Best Way To Prep For GMAT And Other Requirements

MIT Sloan, the B School of Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the top destinations for management aspirants from all over the world. There is intense competition to get through its Bachelor’s, Master’s, Executive degree programs and Doctorates; no two ways about it.

Hence if you are targeting MIT Sloan for your management program then you have to be at your best and prove to be a candidate who as an edge. We will help you do that by giving you an idea of the B School’s acceptance rate, GMAT score ranges, average GPAs and prep tips.

All about the programs

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MIT Sloan has three tracks for its management students – enterprise management, entrepreneurship and innovation, and finance. They are specially designed to give students like you a holistic and experiential learning experience throughout the duration of the program.

The B School that was set up over a hundred years ago has an alumni network in more than 90 countries. Its alumni are not only sought after by the industry but have also gone on to set up big name companies as well.

What’s the score?

If you are aiming for MIT Sloan the first thing you need to know about is the acceptable GMAT score range. Well, the average GMAT score for the class of 2017 was 716 but it’s important to note that it’s only one of the factors that will get you admitted to the prestigious B School.

What could work in the favor of some students is that MIT being a technical school, the focus is on analytical and mathematical abilities. If they are your strong points then even if you don’t do well on your GMAT attempts you could convince admission officials about your candidature.

As far as the GPA goes, the average at MIT Sloan is 3.6 out 4. Again, this should not be looked as a benchmark and your strong technical abilities can get you admitted into the program. In fact, most of its students have undergraduate engineering background.

Other important prep

It’s important to show MIT Sloan that you are interested in getting admission to its programs. The admissions office also looks at your quantitative and technical work experience, which can give some students the advantage.

One fourth of the applicants are interviewed by the school. The interviewer is going to have in-depth knowledge of your application; hence you should be prepared for probing questions that will help them understand you better as a candidate.

MIT Sloan Ambassadors Program, MIT Sloan on the Road, MIT Sloan Student Blog and webinars are some of the resources you can follow to get a better understanding of the school and its programs.

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