Targeting UC Berkeley: Best Way To Prep For GMAT And Other Requirements

UC Berkeley is considered the crown jewel in California State’s prestigious university system. It was established in 1868 and has grown in reputation for a variety of reasons, including student body activism and alumni who have become change-makers in different fields.

US Berkeley MBA programs are some of the most selective in the world because of the small class size. The management programs are conducted from The Haas building, which was opened in 1995 and has some of the best facilities in the university.

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Given the towering presence of The Haas, the MBA here has come to be known as the Berkeley-Haas program. The building plays host to undergraduate, executive and evening / weekend programs. At the moment the classrooms have strength of 60-65 students making it an intimate learning environment.

However the North Academic Building, for which the construction began in 2014, is expected to be ready in 2017. It will lead to around 15% growth in class size. It is then expected that the admission rate will be 20%, which is similar to other top 10 B Schools. But the fact remains that after Harvard and Stanford, it is the most selective MBA program in the country.

GMAT prep and other getting your application in order

Berkeley-Haas curriculum with 12 required courses that cover all business disciplines, from Ethics to Finance and Data, makes it appealing for all management aspirants. But that also means the competition is tough and here are a few aspects you should know if you target the B School.

  • Admission tests – It’s important to note that Berkeley-Haas accepts either GMAT or GRE score for the full time programs. The average GMAT score for entering class of Fall 2016 was 716. The average undergraduate GPA stayed at 3.64. Interestingly, its requirements for TOEFL are tougher than other top B Schools, and the average score was 110.
  • The Essays – The B School has three required essays. The first one encourages you to reveal the real you. The second needs you to respond to a prompt and it’s ideal to identify an experience and talk about its significance to you. The third essay asks you to describe your career plans and it’s advisable to answer the question directly.
  • Recommendations – The B School like other top management institutes gives preference to professional recommendations over academic ones. Two professional recommendations are required and you should get them from those who can offer descriptive examples of the actions you have taken and overall behavior.
  • Interviews – For starters, they are conducted on campus and off campus, strictly by invitation. The interviewers have no access to your application, which is unlike other B School procedures. The best way to tackle the interview is by focusing on various instances from your personal and professional life that can be used as answers to questions.

Keeping these pointers in mind can help you make a solid bid for admissions into one of the most selective MBA programs.

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