Ten Tips for GMAT Exam Day

You are finally ready to take the GMAT. Those thousands of problems, numerous practice tests, number of hours spent studying, social sacrifices – all for this day. You need to put your best foot forward on the D-Day.

Tips for GMAT exam day:

  1. Ensure a good night’s sleep:

    Probably, you expected this one. A good night’s sleep is relaxation therapy like nothing else. A bad night may impair your exam performance.

  2. Eat a good breakfast: 

    Those butterflies in your stomach can be quelled with some good breakfast. Eat up, feel like a king!

  3. Bring the necessary stuff :

    Don’t forget to put your ID, some energy bars and water in your bag.

  4. Arrive early:

    Mr Murphy is never too far away. To ensure everything goes smoothly, ensure that you arrive early to your exam centre.

  5. Do a recce:

    You may want to explore the test centre for washrooms and water facilities so that you don’t waste time during the scheduled breaks.

  6. Keep a tab on the time :

    Time management is essential in GMAT. Remember, unanswered questions will lead to point deductions. Keep a tab on time, but don’t spend too much time worrying about it.

  7. Read all the instructions carefully :

    Probably, you have done the drill hundred times but you don’t want any last minute surprises. Read the test directions very carefully.

  8. Forget the past quickly :

    Some questions can leave you scratching your heads. Take an intelligent guess, forget about it and tackle the next question. Maybe it was one of those experimental questions laid out by the GMAC guys which will have no bearing on your score.

  9. Confirm only when sure:

    You don’t want yourself to be on the wrong side of the adaptive algorithm. Confirm your answer only when you are sure that you have selected the best answer.

  10. Relax, there is always a next time:

    Acing the GMAT is not the end of the world. Don’t be too disappointed if your unofficial scores are not upto the mark. You can always take the GMAT again!

Attempt GMAT practice tests.

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