Ten Tips To Beat Manhattan GMAT Toppers

Over the years, Manhattan Prep has acquired an enviable reputation in GMAT preparation. Having placed many students with top notch b-schools, the institution now holds a position of pride in the minds of the GMAT applicants. But enrolling a course at Manhattan does not guarantee you a seat at the ‘Yales’ and ‘Harvards’. With a good preparation strategy, you can easily do better than the Manhattan GMAT toppers.

Here are ten tips to beat Manhattan GMAT toppers:

  1. Start early – A no brainer this. The earlier you begin, the more the number of study hours you have to your advantage. Start six months early and you may have already done more than your peers at Manhattan GMAT Prep.
  2. Stick to your study schedule – Once you draw up a study schedule, sticking to it will yield better results. Devise your study schedule taking into account your strengths and weaknesses, and the time you can allocate to your studies every day.
  3. Use resources from the official GMAT Site – While Manhattan GMAT Prep may offer you GMAT resources, the official GMAT website is the Holy Grail for all GMAT test takers. Use the official guides and GMAT prep software. The software follows the actual GMAT algorithm and contains GMAT problems from some of the earlier exams.
  4. Focus on weaknesses, but don’t ignore strengths – Early on in the preparation strategy, you will identify your weaknesses pretty soon. This is the stage to work on them. Your strengths are your best friends on the exam day, so make sure you have complete mastery over them.
  5. Don’t stick to one format of studying – One single format of studying may seem monotonous after a while. To keep things interesting, work one specific topics one day, mix topics another day or jump between sections one day. Mixing formats helps you get prepared for the real deal.
  6. Practice essay writing – Don’t leave off the essay just for the exam day. Practicing essays will only make you better at it. Get them reviewed by your teachers or peers. You will get good insights into your style of writing.
  7. Take practice tests – Perhaps, the most important tip here. Nothing will prime you more for the GMAT than the practice tests. They give you a solid idea of your level of preparation. Aim to take atleast 4 before the actual GMAT.
  8. Educated guesses are important – GMAT isn’t always about the arriving at the right answer. The correct answers can sometimes be found just by taking smart, educated guesses. It can save time for some of the other questions.
  9. Set a target GMAT score – The best test takers come with a goal in mind. Keep a target GMAT score in mind for the schools that you wish to apply in. For the practice tests, try to overshoot the score. This will keep you in a good mental state before the exam. However, don’t be disheartened if you cannot reach your target score in practice tests. Maybe the best is yet to come!
  10. Chill out – Remember that the folks at Manhattan Prep are also human beings just like you. Be confident about your own abilities and you can conquer the world.

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