Ten Tips to Conquer the GMAT Data Sufficiency Section

If you are taking GMAT for the first time, you must know that data sufficiency section is a part of Quant but you do not need to solve it like standard math. It requires exceptional strategic skills to ace this section. Thankfully, there are many tips to help you through. But before you start, familiarize yourself with its basic format and concepts to prepare well for it.
1. Learn The Answer Choices By Heart:
It has to be strictly so. Answer choices for data sufficiency are same and you can memorize them in advance to stay prepared.

2. Answer The Sufficiency Question:
In data sufficiency section, you don’t have to concentrate on finding an answer. Rather, try to understand if the information given is enough to solve the question or can it help in finding the answer.

3. Don’t Fall In The Trap Of Prompt Questions:
The statements may have a prompt question to find a value. This is a trap and you should definitely avoid it. Your focus should be steadfast on finding sufficiency of statements and not finding the answer.

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4. Pick the Right Number Properties:
As earlier stated, it is the most unique section in GMAT and hence, you have to challenge your limits to comprehend things with a larger perspective. Hence, remember that numbers are not limited to the counting digits but could be anything like decimal, integer, negative, zero, square root, et al.

5. Read Every Statement Separately:
This is necessary to restrain any confusion from lurking in your mind. Firstly, try to analyze if one statement is sufficient to solve the question. If statements separately are not sufficient, only then, you should find probabilities in combining them.

6. Deeply Analyze The Prompt:
Mostly, answer is hidden in the prompt and candidates waste time on problem-solving. Remember again that data sufficiency is all about finding if you could find the answer.

7. Trace The Questions With Redundant Information:
It may happen that statement 2 is reiterating the same point as mentioned in statement 1 by playing with the words. Be attentive to such traps.

8. Prepare Well On Divisibility And Factorization:
If you can master these two, you may end up completing data sufficiency faster than you envisaged.

9. Study Hard On Overlapping Sets:
You may also find many questions based on overlapping sets. Practice them with Venn diagrams to answer methodically.

10. Nothing Wrong In Eliminating and Guessing:
In data sufficiency, you can eliminate more than one option at a time if you can find a sensible solution in one statement and there’s no need to understand the other statement.
These are the ten tips that can largely help you to prepare well for data sufficiency section in GMAT.


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