The Best GMAT Study Schedule

MBA aspirants often wonder what the best GMAT study schedule looks like. Well, here’s the answer. The best GMAT schedule is one that takes into account your lifestyle, subject clarity, strengths and weaknesses and time available. In short, the best GMAT study schedule is unique for every student.

However, there are some common markers on which you can devise a good study schedule. To ace the exam, you need to give yourself a schedule which gives you ample time for subject preparation as well as room for practice tests. We recommend starting atleast 3-6 months prior to the exam.

When you prepare a study schedule, make sure you stick to it. Consistent, daily practice is much more critical than one random 12-hour stint on the weekend. Even if your time schedule allows you only 1-2 hours of daily practice, stick to it. You will see that the consistency will pay off in the future.

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If like breaking your schedule into chunks, maybe you want to adjust your daily schedule in a way where you study a bit in the first half of the day, and a little bit before going to bed. This ensures that you are conditioning your mind for the rigours of the exam. Of course, you can always do more on the weekends. Also, make sure that your study schedule allows for periodic summaries and revisions of your concepts. This is important to build a solid base on concepts.

Your study schedule may lead to sacrifices in your social life. But keep at it. Remembering there are thousands of test takers who are doing exactly the same for a better future path. Ultimately, the best GMAT study schedule is the one which lands you at the b-school of your choice. Stay motivated!

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