The Importance of Prime Factorization in GMAT

Prime factorization is a key area in GMAT. It can be used to solve questions in problem solving and data sufficiency areas. With a good understanding of prime factorization, you can solve questions quickly and easily saving valuable time in the exam.

Remember prime numbers? These are the numbers divisible by 1 and itself. Prime factorization is a process of breaking down numbers into prime, basic factors. To find any number’s prime factorization, divide the number by the prime numbers (2, 3, 5, 7…), and break it down till it is not a factor.

For example, the prime factorization of 28 is 2×14 which can be broken down further into 2x2x7. So, the prime factorization of 28 is 2x2x7.

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With this simple concept, you can tackle seemingly difficult looking problems in the GMAT. Any questions that deals with products, factors and prime numbers can be solved with this concept. In the questions, keep a watch out for prime numbers and large products. Typically, the question should be solvable with this approach. You can also use the information to find out the number of factors, GCF and LCM.

Attempt a few problems.

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