The Official Guide For GMAT Review – What’s in it for you?

While more than 230,000 aspirants take the GMAT every year, all of them prepare for it differently. You could opt for preparation courses, both online and offline, or take matters in your own hands and study yourself. Whatever mode of prep you choose, the importance of quality resource material cannot be overemphasized. And The Official Guide For GMAT Review is considered a gold mine of resource material for test takers.

First things first, following the Guide will not assure you top scores. But it will definitely help you jumpstart your preparations for the GMAT.

  • The guide is updated with fresh content every year to offer test takers access to the best study resource in keeping with the times.
  • It also contains real GMAT questions and answers from the creators of the test. Here’s your way to get into their minds and know what you are in for.
  • This versatile guide is ideal for students from all over the world. It’s also comprehensive and features all types of questions.
  • The guide also contains videos from real test takers and GMAC staff. That’s the kind of insight and tips that is handy as you prepare for the test.

What does the The Official Guide For GMAT Review 2016 have for you?

  • To begin with, it has 25% new content, which makes it fresh and highly relevant for test takers.
  • There are 900 practice questions with all types of answers and explanations, essay topics, math reviews and a diagnostic test.
  • You also get access to six months of 50 online integrated reasoning questions, and online study companion.
  • Another important element of the guide is the chapter on Integrated Reasoning that offers you details about the section in GMAT.
  • Diagnostic exam with 100 questions, which can help you streamline your preparations for the test.
  • It also contains Grammar review that covers concepts, which you will be tested on in the verbal section of the test.
  • To help you with the prep on the Quantitative section, you will find a Math review that covers all the important concepts.
  • You can get access to helpful tips that are extremely useful during your GMAT prep and also for the test day.

Definitely, you need one if you haven’t bagged one for yourself yet.

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