The Top GMAT Prep Books To Refer To As A Test Taker

Did you know? The first five countries to offer GMAT were US, Canada, England, France and India.

However, today, the test is available in 113 countries across all continents, except Antarctica. Furthermore, most candidates come from these three test-taking countries – USA, India and China.

With thousands, if not millions of students appearing for this competitive test with hopes of getting into the best B-schools in the world, it is important that you pull up your socks and aim to score well.

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To gather the best information to star in your GMAT prep, take these books into account.

Finding the Top GMAT Prep Books

  • The Official Guide for GMAT Review

This is without doubt the single most significant resource that you must invest in when preparing for the GMAT. The Official Guide for GMAT Review replaces the 15th edition and is the only updated one you will find in the market that offers real GMAT questions for practice.

  • The Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides

If you are a beginner, this set of 8 books is the one to start with. However, make sure that your study approach allows you the patience and capacity to go through 8 separate GMAT prep books. This series helps students build a strong foundation on the various concepts used in every section of your GMAT exam. The best part is, if you are weak at a specific section, you can also buy individual guides available separately. This will help you work on your weak areas with ease.

  • Kaplan GMAT 800

This book offers a chance for advanced prep for advanced students. If you feel that the other guides were too easy for your skill level, the Kaplan book will up your ante. It is ideal to approach this book right after you have completed working with the GMAT official Guide. Many students swear by this book since they give you exactly what you need and do away with concepts that may be potential distractions.

  • Cracking the GMAT Premium Edition with 6 Computer Adaptive Practice Tests

These books offer about 180 practice “bin” questions that allow students to work on specific weak areas during the months they are prepping. These books are recommended once you are done working on the Official Guide and the Kaplan if you are still looking for fresh questions to work with.

Finally, remember that since the GMAT test format was recently changed, many of the old preparation guides may prove to be obsolete. Make sure you purchase the latest editions of the books for helping yourself.

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