Time to Thank Your MBA Supporters

Last week was Thanksgiving in the United States, and on Thursday, millions of people took a break to reflect on everything they have to be grateful for. It’s a good time for MBA hopefuls to do the same.

If you applied to schools in Round 1, you’re getting close to learning the final results of your efforts. Before you do, you should make a point of circling back with everyone who helped you along the way. Sure, you’ll touch base with them again to let them know where you’re going to end up. But it’s nice to thank people now so it doesn’t seem like you’re only grateful for their help because you were accepted to a certain school.

Think back to when you first downloaded your applications and make a list of those who played a role in ensuring you felt confident once you hit “submit.” Your recommenders, your friends and family members who proofread your materials or gave you great advice, your co-workers who helped calm your nerves after everything was sent in—everyone who’s supported you. We’re sure they’d appreciate a quick note of thanks.

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If you’re currently in the midst of interviewing, remember to shoot a short thank-you email or letter to your interviewers, too! Don’t be discouraged or worried if you don’t hear back, though; some schools have policies about interviewers responding to candidates before final decisions are out. But we know they’ll be impressed by the gesture nonetheless.

What if you’re working to hit Round 2 deadlines? It’s still appropriate to thank those who have been helping you so far—especially your recommenders, who may be taking time away from their families to work on your letters over the holidays.


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