Tips for GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

The critical reasoning questions can pose a fair degree of challenge to the test takers. About one-third of the questions in the verbal section of GMAT comprise of questions from this section. Doing well in this section is essential to a good GMAT score.

However, there is no need to worry while tackling critical reasoning questions. Students can attempt these questions easily with simple logic. In this section, test takers need to identify and/or analyse certain parts of an argument.

We give you some great tips for the GMAT Critical Reasoning questions :

  1. Read the question well:
    Before you read the argument, make sure you read the question well to know what is expected from you.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the terminologies:
    In this question type, you will be faced with a lot of terms such as assumption, inference, paradox, among a host of others. While practicing problems, familiarize yourself with these terms. They are absolutely critical towards finding the right answer.
  3. Understand the passage well:
    If you don’t understand the critical reasoning passage well, it becomes really difficult to solve problems. Pay attention to the structure, evidence and conclusion. It is especially important in strengthen/weaken the argument questions where you have to understand the reasoning of the author.
  4. Check the answer choices:
    Sometimes, answer choices can be very misleading. For eg, in the strengthen/weaken argument questions, the opposite answer may seem right if you are not focused enough. In the assumption questions, the correct answer usually links to the conclusion.
  5. Practice well:
    This is a no-brainer really! If you tackle enough questions from this area, you will become better at it. So, use practice tests to your advantage.

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