Tips for Retaking the GMAT

If you have decided to the plunge into GMAT preparation again, you need to shake up things a bit. You did not achieve your target score the first time round because of certain wrong strategies and practices. Avoid making those mistakes again.

Follow these tips for retaking the GMAT:

Forget the past – If your last exam was a nightmare, forget about your last performance. Gain comfort in the fact that you are already familiar with the subjects, question types, structure, time available and other such important dimensions of the exam.

Identify your weak areas – The last attempt would have given you rich insights about your weaknesses. Work on these weaknesses and make them your strengths.

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Rejig the prep resources, if needed – If your prep resources did not serve you well in the previous attempt, opt for a different one. Go for reputed names in the space.

Devise a better study plan – Obviously, the previous study plan did not work for you. Come up with a better study plan keeping in mind your weaknesses, time available, prep resources, among other factors. Give more time to your weaknesses.

Time management – For many test takers, poor time management is a big reason they did not fare well in the previous exam. If you fall in that cohort, take timed practice sessions. If you cannot solve a problem in good time, it indicates a weakness in that subject area.

Practice tests – They were important the first time. They are important now. Practice tests are the best indicator of your preparation. Take lots of them to be confident before the exam.

Start Your GMAT Preparation.

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