Top Colleges in the World for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is a dream for many management aspirants. To fetch this aspiration, they need a perfect start with a degree from a leading B-school. These colleges offer the top-ranking entrepreneurial programs designed for the freshmen looking to improve their business skills. Here are given the top 10 international colleges for an entrepreneur.

  1. Babson College, USA:

This school in Wellesley MA is the top-ranked college for entrepreneurs. It was founded in 1919 with its focus on training the future entrepreneurs. It offers customized two-week programs for the students.

  1. Brigham Young University, USA:

This university in Provo, UT is a top choice for the budding entrepreneurs. It offers a specialized course, Entrepreneurial Innovation, under which students can learn the basics of starting a business. It also runs Boot Camp courses for busy learners.

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  1. University of Houston, USA:

This public research university in Texas offers specialized courses for training the students in capitalization, funding, and creating business plans.

  1. London Business School, UK:

It offers the most innovative entrepreneurial program called ‘Financing the Entrepreneurial Business’. This program teaches about the investment appraisal and management skills required for running a successful business.

  1. Rotterdam School of Management, Netherlands:

It offers a specialized one-year full-time management program called M Sc. Strategic Entrepreneurship. Under this program, students can investigate the business case studies, build a robust network, get the startup support, and study the best lessons.

  1. Copenhagen Business School, Denmark:

The CBS runs a successful program, M. Sc. Social Science- Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This is a two-year program focusing on the need of innovation for starting a business.

  1. Baylor University, USA:

This university in Waco, Texas offers advanced courses in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation. The students can opt to live at Entrepreneurship Living-Learning Center within a like-minded community.

  1. Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK:

It offers a unique program that imparts a rigorous and enriching educational experience for the entrepreneurs-to-be. It is available on a part-time basis with duration of 212 months.

  1. ESCP Europe Business School, France:

This oldest B-school in the world runs a successful program, MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This program has created 71 startups till the date. It teaches, trains, and allows the students to design, build, and transform their ideas into reality.

  1. University of Oklahoma, USA:

The University of Oklahoma in Norman offers undergraduate degree through its venture development courses and hands-on entrepreneurial education.

These are the top 10 global colleges for entrepreneurs. This is a random list not based on their ranking order.

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