Top GMAT Destination Countries And What Makes Them Popular

A popular applicant survey held in 2015 revealed the top GMAT destination countries around the world. While there are no major surprises in the top five destinations – USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany, it’s interesting to note these traditional powerhouses are facing increasing competition from destinations all over the world.

International recognition of the qualifications remains the most important criteria that students look for when choosing the destination country to pursue their academic ambitions. Availability of financial aid and the desire to work in the country after completing the program are other crucial factors. Germany is the only non English speaking destination in the top 5.

The US

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Home to some of the top business schools in the world including Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, The US has led the charts for years. There might have been a slight drop in International student interest lately but it remains the most popular destination for management aspirants, primarily because of their desire to work in the country that offers them exciting career opportunities.

The UK

London is the financial capital of Europe and second most economically important city in the world. UK economy is set to be the fastest growing amongst G 7 countries and it offers high quality standard of living for International students. London Business School, Nottingham University Business School, are world renowned names. B Schools here also offer one year programs with lower costs than some of the top American colleges.


Besides the level of education and comfortable living conditions, Canada has remained popular amongst MBA aspirants because of the work laws post graduation. Here graduates can convert their study permit into work permit for the length of their study program. Immigration laws in the country are also encouraging, and low cost of living compared to The US and The UK make it an appealing proposition.


In many ways Australia is reaping the benefits of its proximity to Asia, the land of booming economy. Melbourne Business School, The University of New South Wales are prestigious educational institutes. The country is ranked No. 2 in terms of MBA salary levels and is buzzing with corporate, business opportunities for management graduates.


The country boasts of the largest national economy in Europe and has several top universities that offer unique MBA programs that make sense for aspirants with specific goals. Even though it’s not an Anglophone country, it offers English taught courses that are becoming hugely popular with International students.

Besides these top destinations, you might want to look into other countries that have grown leaps and bounds, and have a lot to offer for International students.

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