Top Institutes to Pursue MBA without Taking GMAT?

Undoubtedly, GMAT is considered crucial to admission in most of the leading international B-schools. Currently, over 6000 management programs rely on GMAT scores as a criterion to select students. More than 1300 institutes in US alone prefer these scores in their selection process for business programs. Despite these numbers, there is a large section of institutes that partially or entirely refrain from GMAT scores.

Mostly, executive MBA programs do not require candidates to submit their GMAT scores. Schools offering these programs depend on the work experience of aspirants. These institutes prefer candidates having 8-12 years of professional experience of working in managerial positions. They ask to submit:

  1. Resume:

It should include your work experience and skills that you can best utilize to complete an MBA program successfully.

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  1. Recommendations:

You must provide recommendations from at least 2-3 previous employers regarding your potential to work at top executive positions. These letters are significantly required in B-schools that do not rely on GMAT scores.

B-Schools Not Preferring GMAT for MBA Admissions:

Some reputed management schools are excluding GMAT from their admission process as they do not consider it as the true test of an applicant’s potential. They offer courses in online MBA, lesser known MBA programs, and Executive MBA programs.

Executive MBA Programs That You Can Pursue Without GMAT:

  • NYU Stern Executive MBA
  • North-western University Kellogg Executive MBA program
  • Smith Executive MBA
  • Oxford Executive MBA
  • Global EMBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and NUS

Best Full-Time MBA Programs without GMAT:

These include some lesser known full-time MBA programs.

  • 12 months full-time MBA from University of Central Lancashire
  • MBA program of Birmingham City Business School
  • Middlesex University in Dubai
  • University of Canberra
  • Global MBA program from Imperial College Business School, London
  • One year full-time MBA from Lancaster University Management School

Top universities offering Online MBA programs:

Norwich University:

It requires an undergraduate degree with TOEFL/ IELTS scores.

University of Liverpool:

Online MBA from this university is open for candidates having a bachelor’s degree with TOEFL/ IELTS scores and 3 years working experience.

Ohio University:

Candidates having a bachelor’s degree with 2-5 years’ experience and 3 recommendation letters can apply.

Florida International University:

It requires 4 years of professional experience.

These are the top colleges that offer MBA programs without GMAT scores. But remember that not taking this coveted test can restrict your options severely and also it can weaken your application if do not have an impressive resume. You must compensate it with an exceptionally written application accompanied by reference letters and remarkable experience. So, take your decision accordingly.

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