Utilizing The Eight Minute Breaks In GMAT

The GMAC offers two optional eight minute breaks in GMAT. One break is offered after the integrated reasoning section and the other after the quantitative section. While you may be tempted to decline the breaks and continue in the flow of the exam, we strongly recommend you to take the breaks. While these breaks may seem very short, they can offer you a much needed breather from the exam and you can come back recharged to the exam.

Here are some tips on utilizing the eight minute breaks in GMAT:

1. Know your time:

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The breaks are strictly eight minutes. Your time begins as soon as you leave your sea. Moreover, you may need to inform the proctor when leaving and coming inside the test center. If you do not come back on time, you will lose valuable time during the exam. Best to treat these breaks as six-minute ones and come back to your seat on time.

2. Focus on your mind and body:

Breaks give you a great time to relax your body. Once you head out of the test center, you may want to walk and do a little bit of light stretching to get the blood flowing again. Your eyes also need a break from the constant glare of the computer screen. You may also want to do some deep breathing. Consider grabbing a snack to give an energy boost to your body.

3. Precautions:

Remember that you cannot study or refer to any prep material during the breaks. Also, you cannot talk to anyone during your score. The proctor may cancel your scores if you do not take these precautions.

Breaks are a great way to transition from one section to the other. Using them well gives you a strategic advantage over others who give it a miss.

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