Three Hacks to Maximize your GMAT SC Prep – Part 2/3

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How do you think you can maximize your GMAT Prep!?

Here we will tell you how exactly you can maximize your GMAT Prep.

Basically there are 3 Hacks that you need to follow:

Hack #1 – Spend 5X time analysing the GMAT SC question
Whenever you attempt a Verbal Question, always remember that it will take you 5x minutes to solve a question.
x being the no. of minutes you take to solve a quant question. Because, each sentence correction question tells you that GMAT is trying to lay a trap for you because it is uncertain when you look at each answer option which one is correct unlike quant.

Hack #2 – Re-use questions from GMAT prep
This is available free on Official GMAT’s GMATPrep Software.

Attempt these questions till you get an inflated score because this will help you understand the pattern that GMAT uses
and how exactly to use the Process of Elimination when it comes to Sentence Correction Questions.

Hack #3 – Look for all types of errors while revising.

What you need to do here is take each and every topic on the sentence correction module and analyze every answer option
to understand what each and answer option tries to tell you. This will help you gain insight on how to pick the right answer choice when it comes to the question.

Practice more questions & discuss your queries/doubts on the Official Verbal Prep Group.

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