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Volume of a Cube

Volume of a Cube

Volumes are a commonly tested area in standardized exams and it is a good idea to memorize them. Today, let us look at the volume of the cube which is a rectangular solid. Volume of any solid figure is nothing but the space it occupies.  It is measured in cubic units.

For a rectangular solid, the volume is measured by multiplying the length, breadth and height. Cube is a unique rectangular solid which has equal sides. Moreover, all these sides are squares. The volume of a cube is a3 where ‘a’ is the edge of the cube.  

If a cube has one edge of 4 inches, then the volume of the cube is 4x4x4=64 cubic inches. Before calculating volume in a question, make sure that the units of measurements are the same. Test designers often try to stump the students with different units of measurement. A careless error can result in a wrong answer and lost points.

The volume questions may not be asked in a straightforward plug-and-play question. They can be essential to solving a larger problem. Knowing these formulas comes in very handy during the exam.

Attempt a few questions now.

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