What Does Trump Presidency Mean For Higher Education

If there is one thing the Trump campaign has revealed then it’s that there is nothing you can predict about the new President-Elect and his policies. While he made startling claims and declarations throughout his campaign, even his biggest doubters believe that they might be a bit too farfetched for him to follow through.

Higher education in the US is more in the spotlight than probably any other country. With a large number of renowned universities and their attraction amongst students from different parts of the world, it’s understandable. So it’s important to look at the ramifications of the new Presidency and what it means for higher education in the country.

Things that could well change due to Trump presidency

It’s difficult to categorically estimate and state how Trump intends to change the face of higher education in the country. We can only take into account his claims, line taken by the Republican Party in recent times and the latest trends, to point out the areas where change is expected in Trump’s reign as the President.

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  • There are many who believe that the American economy might be on a downward slide due to a variety of reasons including the stock market impact. If that happens it’s likely that more individuals would turn to higher education as they did in 2008. It would mean state budgets and endowment would be hit further.
  • The GOP and Trump might have disagreed on several issues, but they remain united on encouraging universities to reduce college costs. One way that could happen is if Trump pressurizes private and public institutions to freeze tuition. He could also ensure a reasonable opportunity for students to pursue college or vocational programs.
  • There are reports that Trump has chosen a climate change skeptic for the EPA. Similar choices could be a concerted attack on research in areas including environment and reproductive health. Overall, there might be decrease in funding for researchers who want to focus on these topics.
  • However Trump’s “Make America Great Again” is somewhere hinged on boosting manufacturing in the country. If he remains committed to the task then it is likely that there will be support for making spaces. You could also see a rise in Germany modeled apprenticeship programs and boost for technical colleges.

Of course, a lot depends on whether Trump prefers to make sweeping changes early in his Presidency. But one way or the other, these seem to be interesting times for higher education in the country.

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