What is a good GMAT score?

That’s a question with no perfect answer. While we have many numbers floating around online, there is no real way to know a good GMAT score. So, what is a good GMAT score? A good GMAT score is simply that one which takes you to the college of your choice.

Every GMAT test taker, based on his own abilities and time available, draws a list of colleges which he/she is interested in. A good place to start understanding your GMAT score goal is visiting the websites of these colleges and looking at historical data. Minimum score and average score requirements for different schools are available quite easily.

If you still want numbers from us, needless to say that 700+ is a good score. A score of 600+ will keep you competitive. Remember that along with your composite scores, you also get sub-scores and percentiles. A good composite score but extreme variations between sub-scores of quantitative and verbal sections might not present a good picture to the b-school.

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However, you have to understand that getting an impressive score in the high 700s is not a sure shot seat at your favourite MBA program. Work experience, essays, recommendations – all play a huge role in securing admission at your choice of school. In fact, it has been reported that top schools such as Stanford have also taken in students with scores around the 600 mark. A very impressive application might tilt the scales in your favour even without an extremely high GMAT score.

That said, the average GMAT scores at top b-schools such as Stanford, Harvard and Wharton hover around the 720 mark. You definitely will do your chances a world of good with a 700+ score.

Remember that while your other application areas may not be changed, GMAT is still under your control. So go give it your best shot. Focused efforts will definitely ensure success.

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