What is GMAC?

If you are new to the GMAT race or planning to take the exam in the near future, you will definitely hear about the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). It is a non-profit organization of business schools which offers products and services to institutes and students. Why is it important? Because they are the owners and administrators of GMAT.

GMAC designs and develops the GMAT – the international standardized test which open doors to over 6000 management programs in close to 110 countries. GMAT is proven to be a reliable predictor of student performance in b-schools. GMAC also offers GMAT prep resources and software to the prospective test takers.

Recently, GMAC launched the Enhanced Score Report feature which will give students an in-depth analysis of their GMAT performance. The feature offers insights into the average time taken for questions, time relative to other test takers and section-wise performance, among other metrics. It also provides insights for improving GMAT scores.

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Keep a tab on the news coming out from the GMAC stables. After all, they hold the reins of the all-important GMAT.

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