What’s the deal with pre-MBA internships?

You have finally got admission in your dream b-school. What are you planning to do next? Many students utilize the summer before business school taking a vacation or indulging in a hobby before the rigours of the b-school kick in. A rising trend among students is to pursue pre-MBA internships. So, what’s the deal with pre-MBA internships?

Pre-MBA internship, as the name suggests, is an internship done before heading to business school in the fall. These internships are available in tons of areas – consulting, marketing, banking and venture capital, among others. Typically these internships, also known as camps, are 4-6 weeks long and give the students unique opportunities to learn more about these fields.

Since career switching is fairly common among MBA students, this type of internships help career switchers get a taste of the new area they would like to venture in. In case you are really interested in the new area, you have the option of returning to the same space the following summer. If not, you can explore other avenues more suited to your profile.

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These internships give you a valuable opportunity to validate your interest and build experience for a new role. Pursuing such programs demonstrates your passion and interest to recruiters who will be looking for able candidates during the next summer internships.

If you are interested in pre-MBA internships, make sure that you have a list of target companies. You should first check whether these companies are offering such programs. Big names such as Deloitte and Barclays offer pre-MBA camps to students. You can also look at your own alumni networks, LinkedIn and SimplyHired for leads.

Of course, it is not mandatory to do these internships. Many students do not follow this path. If you are not looking at a career switch, you can give these internships a skip. You can spend that time sorting out your financial aid, spending more time at your current job or even going for an exotic holiday.

Remember, pre-MBA internships are your own personal choice!

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