When is it the Right Time to Take your GMAT?

Did you know? Over 2100 universities and institutions offering over 5900 programs use the GMAT exam score as an integral part of their selection process when admitting students into their programs. Especially if you are planning to apply to a business school for an MBA or Masters’ program, you may be expected to submit your GMAT scores as a part of your admission process.

When should I Take my GMAT?

In simple terms, the ideal time to take your GMAT is when you have 2-3 months at hand or approximately 80 to 100 hours free to invest in its preparation. Since your GMAT score is relevant for 5 years, you have the freedom to take the test whenever you are free. Even if you do not plan on applying to a B-school for another year or two, it is best to get your GMAT exam out of your way when you have the time.

However, there are other things to take into account when you are planning to take your GMAT –

• What Application Round do you Plan on Applying to?

That said, it is always a good idea to know when exactly you plan on applying to a business school. Once you know your application deadlines, you will be able to work backwards and understand the right time to give your exam.

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For instance, many MBA programs have Round 1 deadlines at the end of September for matriculation the following fall. If you plan on applying during this round, it is ideal to take your GMAT in August and start studying for it in May or June. For round 2, you may want to take your exam in late November or early December.

• Leaving a Buffer to Retake the GMAT

While it is great to be confident about making your GMAT score target in your first try, some students may need to take the test for the second or third time. Remember that the GMAC compels students to wait for a minimum of 31 days before they are allowed to retake the test. Take this timeline into consideration when planning your exam schedule.

Finally, don’t drag out your prep time and plan on taking a test that you never end up taking eventually. It is ideal to get into action mode as soon as possible. You may always feel like there is one more concept to master before you are ready to take the test, but your fears will hold you back. Pick the best date that suit your needs and take the leap.

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