When to take the GMAT exam?

The GMAT, unlike some of its other peers, is available throughout the year. Hence, answering ‘when to take the GMAT exam’ is a crucial part of your exam strategy. Our advice: The earlier the better.

Taking the GMAT a year before admission at a b-school is a great because you can plan your application strategy and retake the exam if needed. However, taking the GMAT also depends on the admission procedures of your choice of schools along with the term you wish to apply in.

At a minimum, two months before application deadlines is a good bet. That will give you enough time to finish your b-school applications and take a couple of practice tests. Some schools use the rolling admissions process and early applications will definitely work to your advantage. You may even be able to submit your official score along with your application.

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The good part here is that the GMAT scores remain valid for five years. So, if you are a working professional, take it whenever you have free time. You can also consider taking it in the senior year of college since you are more attuned to academics and testing.

As far as the exam day is concerned, working professionals might want to take the exam on a Monday. This allows you good preparation time over the weekend. Moreover, it allows you to get the exam out of the way before the rigours of the work week kick in.

There is no ideal time to take the GMAT. Factor in your work, lifestyle and other commitments before deciding on the date. Just remember to take it in time for the application deadline.

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