Where does GMAT fit in your overall MBA strategy?

“One client, Tasha, came to us just five weeks before the round she was targeting with some idea of her school choices and a GMAT score she wanted to improve. With her limited time she needed to schedule the GMAT for two weeks before her application deadlines. That meant she did not have the luxury of focused studying for the GMAT in all of her free time.

To help Tasha manage her time, we wrote down all of her tasks, including the number of essay iterations we expected her to go through, and then we worked backward from her deadlines to see how many days she had to work. Tasha then started alternating essay writing and GMAT study until the day she took the test,” recounts Stacy Blackman, the author of The MBA Application Roadmap: The Essential Guide to Getting Into a Top Business School. And, she knows a few things about working with and around GMAT and typically advises clients to plan for two attempts at the GMAT, leaving a buffer for a retake if needed.

Your MBA admissions don’t depend solely on your GMAT score. It is one of the components and while aiming at an MBA you have to work around GMAT not just carry a tunnel vision about it or give it either too much or too little importance.

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The first round of business school admissions is roughly four months away at most of the schools, and if you still don’t have a score, now would be the time to decide to take the GMAT. There’s a lot of work that awaits you. Unless you’re a test hack and can ace standardized tests, you’ll need to start to mould your brain into test mode.

It would help most applicants if they devote at least a hundred hours to just the preparation. Then coming back to what stage you are in, you may have to take a class to hone your skills and depending on your mock and initial score, take the test more than once. If you can be tunnel visioned here, then you will get a good score in round one, else you will either need to test again or change focus to different schools.

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