Why GMAT Reading is different from Regular Reading?

The GMAT Reading Comprehension questions pose a significant challenge for many test takers. Even for those test takers who love reading, the section is not a walk in the park. Here’s how GMAT Reading differs from regular reading:

The subjects may not be of your choice – While you are in control of what you read regularly, the GMAT reading comprehension questions may present passages from dry, uninteresting areas. It can stem from biology to history to technology. It can also present complex ideas out of your comfort zone.

Time restrictions – When you read everyday, you are not time bound. However, GMAT expects test takers to read the passage in a stipulated time.

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Analysis – Of course, you need to not only read the GMAT passage, you are supposed to even analyze and answer questions about it. 

When you are tackling reading comprehension questions, it is a good idea to read the passage well. It is also a good practice to make summary notes for paragraphs while you read the passage. This strategy is more useful for long passages where test takers tend to get lost between paragraphs.

While the GMAT reading comprehension questions may be challenging, the good part is that the answers are present in the passage itself. Thoroughly reading, understanding and analyzing the answers will enable you to answer the questions very easily. Your goal is to identify the main idea, purpose, structure and other such details.

Remember that the questions are designed to test your critical thinking capabilities in limited time, a key skill for business managers. If you are a non-native English speaker, read non-fiction books and high quality magazines such as The Economist to get used to reading and analyzing this kind of text.

Attempt a few RC questions.

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