Why retaking the GMAT is not a bad idea?

For many of you, the first GMAT may not have gone according to plan. You may have scored lesser than your target score range or may have completely bombed the exam. Either way, it is not a bad idea to retake the GMAT again. If you are prepared for the grind and do full justice to the time available, retaking the GMAT is a great way to enter your dream b-school.

Here’s why retaking the GMAT is now a bad idea:

The schools understand a blip – B-schools understand that the student may not be prepared adequately the first time. In fact, the official GMAT website itself has a page encouraging repeat test takers. Take the test a second or even a third time if you are not happy with your test scores.

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Most schools are only interested in your top scores – Need we say more. Most b-schools superscore your GMAT i.e consider only the highest score. Even if you score lower in your retake, there is no cause for worry. You can check the individual policies of your target schools.

GMAT is the only thing you can improve greatly – Consider the other factors in your application – GPA, work experience and extra-curricular activities. You cannot really do anything to change these areas. However, you can rework on your GMAT and significantly improve chances. In fact, GMAT score is the only dynamic element of your application.

Historical data – If you still have doubts on retaking the GMAT, you should know that history is on your side. The average score is known to increase by 31 points for the second sitting.

Gain confidence – A good score in the retake will keep you in a better state of mind for the upcoming interviews.      

Retaking the GMAT? Start preparing today.

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