Why should one prefer GMAT over GRE?

A lot of colleges are now increasingly beginning to accept GRE scores along with GMAT, so a very obvious the question arises, why bother taking the GMAT when GRE serves the same purpose.

Although colleges across the globe now accept GRE and GMAT, they aren’t quite the same when looked at minor differences, we understand that these two not only serve different purposes but are crafted for students with different aptitudes and have their pros and cons. Hence students either take both or take the one that suits them better.

The first thing about GRE is that it gives you a wider range of courses to apply to.

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Hence in a lot of institutions, you are deemed less serious a candidate if you apply through GRE or both GMAT and GRE. Hence, the purists want to see their candidates taking the GMAT. Taking both tests is at times perceived to be indecisive and is frowned upon. Moreover, your GMAT score helps you not only here but even when you land a job.

So, your GMAT score is a number that goes along with you wherever you go in the corporate world — admissions, the course and college you land and from there, your entire future career. Let’s hear what a few experts have to say.

Mary Pat Jacobs, who once worked as an associate director of admissions at Olin School of Business at Washington University and is the founder of Apply Point Admissions Consulting, says, “Applicants very often spend a great deal of time studying for two exams instead of one. Test preparation takes not only time but money.” Pat, received her MBA from the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis.

GMAT still conveys seriousness in the hardcore business world whereas GRE shows you are fishing around for different options alongside and hence is looked at more favourably.

“The GMAT mathematics section is just more difficult,” says Jacobs to the usnews.com. “If someone has a weakness in the quantitative section, then I recommend the GRE.

However, she strongly recommends that aspirants take the GMAT. She adds on that business schools usually ask their future students to submit a multitude of things including letters of recommendation, essays, transcripts and other materials, the GMAT score is of paramount importance.

In the end though she wants aspirants to remember “that no single test score will solely determine who is admitted to business school.”

“It’s one factor,” she says. “Not the main factor.”

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