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GRE - Reading Comprehension - Strengthen the argument

Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the arguement?

Recently an unusually high number of dolphins have been found dead of infectious diseases and most of these have abnormally high tissue concentrations of certain compounds that, even in low concentrations reduce dolphins resistance to infection. The only source of these compounds in the dolphins environment is boat paint. Therefore, since dolphins rid their bodies of the compounds rapidly once exposure ceases, their mortality rate should decline rapidly if such boat paints are banned.

Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the arguement?

A) The level of compounds typically used in boat paints today is lower than they were in boat paints manufactured a decade ago.

B) In high concentrations, the compounds are toxic to many types of marine animals

C) The compounds break down into harmless substances in after a few months of exposure to water or air

D) High tissue levels of the compounds have recently been found in some marine animals, but there is no record of any of those animals dying in unusually large numbers recently

E) The compounds do not leach out of the boat paint if the paint is applied exactly in accordance with the manufacturer's directions.

The passage is concerned with the finding that a large number of dolphins are dying due to an infectious disease. The dolphins that are dying have a high tissue concentration of certain compounds. This particular compound has been found in boat paints. These compounds reduce the dolphins' resistance to infection. The assumption is that, if the exposure to these compounds is stopped, then the dolphins get rid of these compounds from their bodies. This will lead to a drop in the mortality rate of the dolphins. Banning these boat paints may help to achieve this result. This question asks to evaluate what strengthens the argument. To arrive at the right answer, one needs to look out for specific details within the passage.

A) Nowhere in the passage will you find this information of the boat paints using lesser of the harmful compounds, so it is out of scope of the passage.

B) The passage only tells us about dolphins and not about any other marine animal.

C) Correct answer choice. In the last two lines, it is mentioned that the dolphins rid their bodies of the compounds rapidly once exposure ceases. This means that after a certain period of time the pounds do not render any harm. Hence, one can infer that the compounds become harmless after few months of exposure to water.

D) There is no information about other marine animals so one cannot assume that it is only harming the dolphins.

E) This answer choice is out of scope as it may not be necessary that all the painters will imply to the directions and hence the problem will remain.