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GRE - Admission Counselling

GRE guidance (more)

I have done Masters of chemical engineering from elite institute in India. I have CGPA of 6.5/10 . Is there any chances of getting good admit in US if now I prepare for GRE and apply? 

Yes, absolutely. Your GRE score matters. And if you work hard from now. i'm sure you are gonna crack it. All the best.


Once you set your target date, it cannot be changed. Inorder to have a new target date, you will have to create a new account with a different email ID on QS- LEAP, fill in all your account details and pick a new target date. 

SOP Help (more)

I need help with my SOP,I have prepared the Draft  just need editing and feedback,Can anybody help,please?

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can anyone tell which university take admission in inter-disciplinary stream in US and Canada (more)

i want to pursue MS in CS.B.tech-electronics and instrumentation.plz tell which universities i should target..


I would try IPFW or Purdue Universities in Indiana. I completed my bachelor's degree in physics from IPFW so i have a little bit bias lol, but I have had success finding a good job after graduation. These schools are very good to international students, and the cost of living is cheap in Indiana. This is really good for an international student whose currency is undervalued compared to the USD. Plus Purdue is a great technical school!

PhD in Economics? (more)


I am looking for admissions in a PhD program. I am a B. Tech (ECE) from VIT Vellore (2010) and an MBA from DoMS IIT Roorkee (2012) specialising in Finance and Operations. I have since, worked in Bank of India as a credit processing officer for 3 years and at Ford Motors as a senior financial analyst for 2 years. My time in the industry has given me a good exposure to credit risk and FP&A.

I gave my GRE in 2016 (V:166, Q:168). I am interested in a PhD in Quantitative Economics or Quantitative Finance. I am looking at the US, EU, UK and Canada. 

I would be glad if someone could assess my profile and recommend me something that I can try for. 

Thanks a ton!

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